These are NOT the actual DMV knowledge test questions; those are not publicly available (unless someone has hacked into the DMV website and stolen a copy of the test, which would be illegal). You should not trust any website that claims that they have the "real" questions. 

The questions on your actual DMV test will be randomly generated from a huge question bank: there is really no way to know which ones you are going to get.  

Our team of writers creates practice test questions using the same source that the official test is based upon: the official manual. Our test questions represent an educated guess about the DMV knowledge test and also about other things that an aspiring driver needs to know.  

Our users report that most of the questions on the real test are very similar to what they have seen on our site. Make sure you take your time reading and understanding the questions though, as the ones on the real test are likely to be worded differently. This won't be a problem: as long as you're familiar with the underlying rule/concept behind the question, you'll easily identify the correct answer, no matter how it is worded.

We strongly recommend reading the official manual first to make sure you cover everything.

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