First, read the official driver's handbook for your state. Pay attention to all the details and things that seem hard to understand or remember. Take notes. This way, you will only have to review your notes in the future rather than the entire manual.

Take all the practice tests for your state and type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, or CMV). Whenever you make a mistake, revisit the related chapters of the handbook. Then retake the tests to make sure you have "filled in the blanks" in your knowledge of the material.

Check your Challenge Bank regularly. It accumulates all the questions that you answer incorrectly. When you answer one of those questions correctly, the question will disappear from the Challenge Bank. Study and practice to empty your Challenge Bank of missed questions.

Make sure you read the practice test questions carefully and understand what they mean. Visualizing the various traffic situations can help, too. When you take a lot of practice tests, you start to expect some questions about certain things, but don't let that catch you off guard!

Some other tips and tricks may be found here:

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